Introducing Mino Tsuchida, the face of Global

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Introducing Mino Tsuchida, the face of Global

Global Knives, which is distributed in the U.S. by Scanpan, recently released a full-length documentary about Mino Tsuchida, who started exporting Global Knives in 1990.

Tsuchida, also referred to as “Mr. Global,” is known for his cutlery sharpening demonstrations at retailers and trade fairs around the world.

However, Scanpan president and CEO Jesper Brund, who spearheaded the documentary, wanted to share Tsuchida’s life story and achievements, of which most consumers may not be aware of, he said.

“Having known Mino for years and also had the pleasure of visiting him in Japan numerous times, I thought the life story and achievements of the man behind the brand would be a great story to share,” said Brund.

According to the company, the approximately 20 minute long documentary includes testimonials from people who gave insight into Tsuchida’s pursuit of creating Global Knives, as well as a look at his personality which Brund described as warm, humble charming and funny.

“With so many products on the market being mass manufactured and with no real face behind the products, we believe today’s consumer wants storytelling and appreciates being able to hear the story and meet the people behind the brands,” added Brund.

The documentary debuted at the company’s pre-Ambiente meeting with Global Knives distributors.

Here's a 2 minute trailer on YouTube: