Sushi or Sashimi Knife?

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Sushi or Sashimi Knife?

A good sushi knife or sashimi knife is a very nice utensil to have when you are making sushi or sashimi at home. If you are a sushi chef, then it is an essential piece of equipment to do your job well.

One thing that makes traditional Japanese knives different from western knives is the fact that many types are honed only on one side; the right side. For a left handed person, they would have to special order the knife honed on the left side.

This single sided honing allows one to create the sharpest edge possible on a sushi knife. Much sharper than can be accomplished with a traditional western style knife which is honed equally on both sides and are known as double-edged knives.

Difference between a Sushi and Sashimi Knife

Sushi and Sashimi knives are extremely sharp, hand-crafted for a specific task, and require very specific instructions to handle and maintain.

There are many steps to making a sushi roll: cutting vegetables, cutting fish, and then cutting the roll itself. A sushi knife is multifaceted for cutting during all three, but a sashimi knife is made specifically for cutting fish.

Most sushi knives are made of high-carbon steel (not stainless steel). This means that the steel rusts easily, but is capable of attaining a much sharper edge. In the case of Global, the material used is actually proprietary — and all knives are made by Yoshikin, Japan from the finest CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel, ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56°-58°, which remains razor sharp longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion.

One unique trait of sushi and sashimi knives is their single beveled edge. These knives are sharpened so that only one side holds the cutting edge and the other side remains flat.

The flat edge is there so that food doesn’t stick to the knife.
It is rumored that most sushi knives are right-handed because it is better to cut fish with, where as left handed knives are better for cutting shell fish. Left handed knives are usually custom made and very expensive.

Types of Sushi Knives

(a) Yanagiba (willow-shaped): The standard sashimi knife. Good for cutting sashimi and sushi rolls.

(b) Deba : Similar to a meat clever, the Deba is good for cutting through bones and cartilage of fish.

(c) Usuba : The ideal vegetable knife, used more for fine cuts and peeling.

(d) Santoku (three virtues) : Used for fish, meat, and vegetables. This is a western-style knife that was designed to be a “one size fits all". It is not a traditional knife, but it’s used a lot in Japanese homes.

Made in Japan, Renowned the World Over

Like the Samurai swords before them, each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand.

Hygienically safe-smooth contours and seamless construction eliminates food and dirt traps.

Just as their fine swords lent distinction to the Samurai, Global Knives bring distinction to the chef, whether professional or amateur.

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